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New Crop Season To Produce Dehydrated Chives Ring

Now it is production season of Dehydrated Chives Rings. We are producing Dehydrated Chive Ring, Chive Roll, Dried Chive Ring, AD Chive Roll, Air Dried Chive Rings, FD Chive Rings, Freeze Dried Chive Roll. Dehydrated Chive Rings 3x3mm - Germany Chives Dehydrated Chive Rings 3-5mm - Chinese [...]

Dehydrated Tomato : 2021 New Market Trends Analysis

Dehydrated Tomato, is one of the hot-selling products in our factory. As is known, China is the country with the biggest tomato territory and the world biggest output with annual output of over 50 million tons. In 2020, the tomato planting area increased slightly, and the output increased [...]

What Is Health Benefits Of Super Food Beet Powder?

Super Food Beet powder, also called Red Beet Powder, BeetRoot Powder, is a similarly bright pink or red item produced using dried, ground beets. Beet powder is gradually promoted as a new superfood and LianFu Foods manufactures and exports a huge quantity of Beet Powder annually. Beet powder can [...]