With the goal of becoming China Best Dehydrated Carrot Factory, we have grown and become one of the biggest Dehydrated Carrot Factory, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in China.

In early 2021, according to the dehydrated carrot market analysis and customer’s feedbacks, Dehydrated carrots are severely out of stock in most dehydrated carrot factories, due to the high price of raw materials caused by Super Low Farmland yield.

In order to meet customer’s demands of new orders and year-orders, soon, our factory decided to invest new production lines to produce dehydrated carrots, so that we can guarantee to stably supply our customer with enough quantity and best quality dried carrots.

How To Dehydrated Carrot with Best Quality?

Dehydrated carrot granules processed from fresh carrots are a major auxiliary material for various fast foods. The market demand is large and they are sold well in domestic and foreign markets. The technical points from China Best Dehydrated Carrot Factory are as follows.
1. Raw material processing. Choose fresh. Orange-red color. Carrots with full body and smooth skin are used as raw materials, and branched, diseased spots, mechanical damage and a small carrot are removed. The selected carrots are soaked and cleaned in a flowing clean water tank. First remove the spots, roots and concavities on the carrots, then remove the bitter outer skin, finally cut off the green top, and dig out the yellow core in the stem .
2. Mechanical dicing. Rinse the processed carrots with clean water once more, and then send them to the vegetable cutter evenly for dicing. The commonly processed specifications are 10, 8 and 5 mm. During the pelletizing operation, the blades should be kept sharp, and the blade spacing should be tested and adjusted frequently to prevent continuous pellets and particle size changes.
3. Blanching and mix with sugar. The purpose of blanching is to make the raw materials bright in color, soft in structure, eliminate peculiar smell and prevent browning. Put carrot diced into boiling water and boil for 4-5 minutes, take it out and drain, mix in glucose powder evenly to increase the color and sweetness of the finished product. The amount of sugar added is 6% to 8% of the fresh ingredients.
4. Dehydration. Spread the sugar-mixed carrot granules evenly in a baking pan, and dry them at a temperature of 65-75°C for about 6-7 hours. When the moisture content of the dry product is less than 8%, move it indoors to cool to room temperature, immediately put it into a plastic bag, and tie the mouth of the bag tightly.
5. Sorting and packaging. Dried carrots are sorted, impurities and defective products are removed, and then graded according to standards. The packing box is an export carton with a double-layer plastic bag inside, and the film thickness is less than 0.08 mm. After the finished product is sorted and measured, it is put into a plastic bag in the box, and the bag mouth is sealed.

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