Dehydrated Tomato, is one of the hot-selling products in our factory. As is known, China is the country with the biggest tomato territory and the world biggest output with annual output of over 50 million tons.

In 2020, the tomato planting area increased slightly, and the output increased steadily; there was a slight increase in consumer demand, and the consumption structure tended to be rationalized. In international trade, exports have grown steadily, and export processing has fallen more significantly.

It is expected that by 2020, the open-air tomato planting area may be reduced, and the facility area is expected to expand; consumer demand is steadily increasing, and consumer varieties are rich and diversified; exported processed products may continue to decline; price levels are stable and slightly declining, with fluctuations It may be smaller than the same period last year.

China’s primary tomato regions are chiefly in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu and different territories.

As of now, tomato has formed into perhaps the main vegetable assortments in China. Since 2020, tomato creation was in excess of 56 million tons, representing over 8% of the all out yield of vegetables in the country.

2021 Tomato Market Expectations and Trends

2021, affected by vacillations in tomato costs up in 2020, is relied upon to be introduced in open grounds decrease pattern, while the nursery land is required to expand; utilization development pattern will continue,the assumption from purchasers on tomato assortment, quality and amount would be the more enhanced; fares of prepared items or will keep on declining further; the general value level of tomatoes showed a consistent decay somewhat, the unpredictability may would back off.

(a) The Planted Area Will Be Reduced Or Planted Area Is Expected To Expand

The region under development is frequently controlled by the cost of the last item cycle.

Influenced constantly on-year cost instability of tomato in 2020, it is assessed that the planted space of tomato in 2021 will show a descending pattern while the territory under nurseries is required to increment. Generally, the yearly tomato planting space of about 16.27 million mu, up 1.3% lessening; nonattendance of significant cataclysmic events, yields are relied upon to recuperate to 3500 kg for each mu, all out yield arrived at 56.95 million tons, up by 0.2%.

The fundamental explanation is that the wonder of “sell hard” showed up in May, June, 2020 in Henan, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin and different spots, which straightforwardly influenced the ranchers’ creation excitement in the subsequent year. Simultaneously, the relative benefit of tomato planting was decreased and the creation The expense increment is more self-evident. For instance, if the expense of work increments by 20.0%, ranchers might be slanted to plant other money yields like strawberries.

(b) Steady Improvement In Consumer Demand and Diversification Of Varieties

Lately, China’s utilization of new tomatoes and its items has been consistently expanding. The development of utilization in 2021 is relied upon to proceed.

The complete utilization of tomatoes will arrive at 42.08 million tons, up 0.8% over a similar time of a year ago. With the improvement of individuals’ expectations for everyday comforts, the assumption for assortments, quality and amount of tomatoes is more enhanced, boosting the development of complete interest of tomatoes. Natural product tomatoes become a tight item, and are progressively invited by buyers.

The handled tomato and new tomato strains are additionally partitioned and the qualification is more self-evident. Cherry tomatoes represent about 30.0% – 40.0% of the all out tomato market volume, and their extent will increment.

(c) The Price Level Stabilized Slightly, But Slightly Lower Than The Same Period Of Last Year

In 2021, the general value level of tomatoes showed a consistent descending pattern.

The variance reach may back off at a pace of about 3.0 yuan per kg, down 3.5% from the earlier year.

In stages, from January to March, because of the effect of the chronicled excessive costs of tomato in a similar time of a year ago, the planting territory will increment significantly and the yield will rise correspondingly, and the market cost of tomato will be lower than a similar time of a year ago.

In April, In the north-east, an enormous number of open-market tomatoes opened up to the world and their costs dropped quickly.

2021 Dehydrated Tomato Market Forecasting

The creation and amount of new tomatoes are steady each year, and as Dehydrated Tomatoes there will be sufficient crude material for drying and preparing.

The effect of the 2020 blustery season, which prompted an intense drop in the quantity of got dried out tomatoes’ semi-completed and completed items, will influence the relative expansion in tomato creation in the delivering regions in the new crop season 2021, and interim there will fortify the counteraction of outside components like the climate in 2021.

Hence, we expect that the out put of new crop Dehydrated Tomato will be generally steady in 2021, as long as there is no genuine climate sway, the cost will be steady and lower than in 2020.

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