A recent Data show that during the coronavirus epidemic, sales of Dried Vegetables continued to grow against the trend. To fight against the epidemic at home, more and more people choose convenience foods.
We have eaten a lot of instant food, whether it is instant noodles or various types of self-heating pots, in fact, there is an essential side dish: Dried Vegetable, becoming very popular during the epidemic.
Why is the convenience food in the limelight? It is so convenient and fast, and it also adds a lot of side dishes with multi-nutrients for our daily supplement.

A little about Dried Vegetables

Dried vegetables, also called dehydrated vegetables, are made by the drying equipment to remove most of the water from the vegetables. Common dehydrated vegetables include carrot, leek, onion, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, chili, Pumpkin, beans, celery, bell peppers, beet root etc. They are usually eaten by soaking in hot water for a few minutes.

What are Dehydration methods for Dried Vegetables

They can be divided into natural sun dried, hot air dried and vacuum freeze dried according to their dehydration methods.

Natural Sun Dried, is to use the natural sun conditions to dehydrate vegetables.

Hot Air Dried, is to evaporate and diffuse the moisture on the surface of the vegetables into the air through the drying hot air, increase the concentration of the surface content of the vegetables, form the osmotic pressure difference of the connected inner layer cells, and make the inner layer moisture flow to the outer layer, and let the water vaporize continuously.

Vacuum Freeze Dried, is to quickly freeze the drained material, so that the remaining water in the material is converted into ice, and then under vacuum conditions, the water molecules are directly sublimated from the solid state to the gaseous state to complete the dehydration.

Natural Sun Dried and Hot Air Dried will lose a lot of water-soluble vitamins and biologically active ingredients during processing, and the color of vegetables is also easy to darken; in contrast, Vacuum Freeze Dried can maximize the preservation of the original nutrition of vegetables Ingredients, color and flavor, so the processing cost of this technology is relatively high.

Why choose Lianfu Foods

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